Let’s imagine that we forget our wallet at home and realize when we are already in line at the supermarket waiting to pay for the week’s purchase. 

Probably our first reaction would be to get nervous, our adrenaline would rise and we would end up frustrated by having to go home for the wallet. But, in the current process of digitizing the payment in which we find ourselves leaving our wallet at home would not be a problem.

Innovation in the means of payment sector and the incorporation of technologies such as contactless have allowed developments and applications to be carried out that allow us to turn our smartphone device into a digital wallet

Advantages of mobile payment at points of sale

Today, the phone has become an essential element in our lives. The mobile phone accompanies us wherever we go and that is why its implementation as a payment method has such high growth expectations. What are the advantages of using it as a “purse”?

Maximum security in payment: 

Nowadays, nobody feels a lack of security when paying with their credit card. Well, mobile payment systems use the same security protocols as in card payments. 

Not only are the transactions encrypted, but to confirm the payment, the system always requests a personal and non-transferable verification, such as the pin code, fingerprint, or even facial recognition.

You can leave the purse at home: 

Even those who go out to exercise do so with their mobile on their backs and the smartphone is probably one of the things that we always carry with us under any circumstance. 

Being able to use it to make payments, therefore, is very comfortable. You have all your cards loaded on the phone and you don’t need to carry anything else.

Payment is faster: 

It is a fast form of payment since, through an application, you can link the cards with which you want to make payments. It is a way to have a payment solution on our mobile, without having to carry the wallet with you.

Mobile payments work the same as contactless cards, just by bringing the device closer to the POS terminal it is executed. This makes the operation really fast.

Control of expenses: 

Depending on the application you use, after making the payment through your mobile you can instantly see the status of your checking account. So, you have better control of expenses and eliminate any risk of incorrect charges.

It is simple: 

it is only necessary to approach it to the payment terminal of the physical establishment, in the same way, that contactless cards approach to make payments.

Also, in the application used to pay, there will be a record of all the operations carried out allowing the user to control and manage their payments.

More and more people are encouraged to try new payment methods. Consolidated security tools in transactions, consumers prioritize making payments practical and functional. Thus, contactless payments and payments through mobile are popularizing at breakneck speed.